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Tired of never finishing a movie or paying for unused subscriptions?

Watch ReelShort — Every Second is Drama

Welcome to ReelShort, a next-gen HD streaming platform offering exclusive vertical TV videos, series, and movies. Recognized by Times100 for our innovation in the entertainment industry, we're changing the way you watch HD movies, shows, or videos with our one-minute episodes that you can enjoy drama content anytime, anywhere, all from the convenience of your phone and pad with the ReelShort App online.

Choose from our movie library packed with endless (infinite) addictive (attractive) content (video) of drama added online daily, from romantic encounters with billionaires and heart-wrenching tragedies to epic comeback stories, exciting love and revenge stories, and more drama episodes—you won't ever (will never) be short on entertainment!

Featured Shows:
[We Will Love Again] You left Noah Preston, the love of your life when he was dirt poor and had nothing. Five years later, he's now a billionaire who's looking to acquire your company to take revenge and make your life a living hell. Will you tell him the truth about why you really left him, or is it too late for a second chance at love?
[The Double Life of a Billionaire Heiress] You married Wes Sterling out of love, but he thinks you are a cheating gold-digger! Fed up with Wes’s accusations and mistreatments, you finally divorce him and re-embrace your true identity...a billionaire heiress! What will Wes do when he realizes he made the biggest mistake of his life? Will you take revenge and make him pay...or fall in love with him all over again?
[Baby, Just Say Yes!] Betrayed by your fiance and your own sister, you marry Teddy Lloyd without knowing his real identity – a secret billionaire. Together, you two have to stand up against your evil family, take back your mother’s company and maybe, just maybe, find true love!

Here's why you'll love ReelShort:
Bite-sized original TV series, movies, videos and shows designed for on-the-go viewing
Exclusive shows with juicy vertical drama that will keep you hooked
New shows and movies are added daily, with hundreds of new episodes online each month
Hollywood-quality entertainment, crafted for the big screen delivered to a small but HD screen near you

Experience and enjoy the future way of entertainment one minute online at a time — download ReelShort now!

"Crazy Maple Studio is quietly changing the streaming game with its ReelShort app." - Time100

"The biggest player in this new genre is ReelShort." - New York Times

"Every minute has a hook that keeps you watching." - Wall Street Journal

"ReelShort, which has dozens of shows — similarly light on character development and packed with curveballs — made for binge-watching in minutes." - Washington Post

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